SONGS -- English

SONGS -- French

  • "L'charbonniers de l'enfer"
    Magnificent a capella chansons à répondre (response songs). I can't vouch for the temporal authenticity of all the songs, but if any recording captures the feeling of a bunch of guys belting out songs as the drag themselves up a river, or as they dance about a campfire after a wee dram, this is it. Okay, so the harmonies of the Corps of Discovery may not have been this tight, but we'll never know for sure.
  • "C'est dans cette maison de fête"
  • "Songs of the Voyageurs"
    A choir sings these songs, so the recording definitely doesn't sound like the expedition. But the songs are all good, old voyageur songs.
  • "Hearts of Gold" -- William Pint & Felicia Dale.
    Wonderful recording overall, but "C'est L'Aviron" only Cruzatte-oriented one.
  • "Heritage Familial" -- Daniel Perron.
    This recording is *fantastic*, though some of the songs are too new, and the instrumentation is all wrong for Pierre.
  • "C'est La Façon..." -- Hommage aux Ainés



  • "Lewis and Clark"--The Trail Band
    The best of these sorts of albums thus far. Wonderful song about Patrick Gass.
  • "Lewis and Clark: Songs of the Journey" -- Kindra Ankney wrote these delightful songs and Bobby Horton performs them. There's a beautifully illustrated companion book to go along with the recording.
  • "Lewis and Clark: Sounds of Discovery"
    This one is the most ambitious attempt to put together a survey of the music of the expedition. I highly recommend this one, though the fiddling is a bit too clean and un-dancelike to be authentic (in my opinion, of course--not having heard Monsieur Cruzatte himself).
  • "Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery"
    Soundtrack to the PBS documentary about the expedition.
    Music is not necessarily authentic, but it's beautiful nonetheless.
  • "From the Journals of Lewis and Clark"--Daniel Bukvich
    Classical work commissioned to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Great Falls Symphony (Great Falls, Montana). On CD.


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