…we had also a fire made for those people to Sit around in the middle of our Camp, and Peter Crusat Played which pleased those nativs exceedingly. the two Chiefs and Several men deturmined to delay all night (yorked Danced for the Inds) with us….

…Dried all our wet articles and repared our Canoes to day, and the Party amused themselves at night danceing. The Flees which the party got on them at the upper & great falls, are very troublesom and dificuelt to get rid of, perticularly as the me[n] have not a Change of Clothers to put on, they Strip off their Clothes and kill the flees, dureing which they remain neckid.

...They deturmined to Stay with us all night, we had a fire made for them & one man played on the violin which pleased them much my Servent danced....