John Ordway:

a Clear & pleasant morning. the Indians assembled on the bank near us for to Trade with us. they wanted red paint mostly, but would Give whatever they had to Spare for any kind of Goods one of the men Gave an Indian a pin hook & the Indian Gave him in return a pair of Moggisins we Gave them Some Small articles of Goods for Buffalow Robes & Moggn. &.C. the officers went to the villages in order to hear what the chiefs had to Say. They Gave us 10 or 12 bushels of corn & beans &.C. &.C. the officers came on board about 12 oClock took a Good Indian with us who had been to the head of the Missouri River. about 1 oClock we Set off the fiddle playing & the horns Sounding &.C. little abo. the Towns we Saw a great nomber of Squaws employed in toteing wood across the River in their Buffalow hide cannoes proceeded on. passd. a timbred bottom on S.S. also one on the N.S. where we Camped1 at the upper end of the Bottom on N.S. Newman & Reed confined. 3 Indians came to Camp.