John Ordway:

...halted at a large village of the pas-qute-pu tribe1 who are verry numerous and have a great number of good horses. ...one Indian brought back broken glasses which he purchased from us last fall & as they broke he wanted other glass in place &C. ...our officers purchased two horses from the Indians who followed us, as they wished to hear the fiddle we played & danced a little to please them....


…we killed six ducks in the course of the day; one of them was of a speceis which I had never before see I therefore had the most material parts of it reserved as a specimine, the leggs are yellow and feet webbed as those of the duckandmallard. saw many common lizzards, several rattlesnakes killed by the party, they are the same as those common to the U' States. the horned Lizzard is also common.-- had the fiddle played at the request of the natives and some of the men danced….


...we had the fiddle played by the request of the nativs and Some of the men danced….